Administration Staff

Our administrative staff closely work with teachers and as well as students. ASTA institute provides classroom facilities along with hostel facilities. Our administrative staffs help to maintain discipline outside the classroom i.e. they help in upkeep of facilities, in managing schedule of teachers and classes, informing students about changes in schedules. They maintain overall operations in our institute. For success of our students we need frictionless and smooth operations and so our Administrative staffs help us to keep up with our standards.

  • Our administration staff helps us with conduction of tests and putting up results
  • We report parents of all the students about their progress and our staff helps in the whole procedure
  • Apart from being an educational institute we also has publication department. Our staff helps in proper distribution of study materials and other educational stuff
  • Our Staff maintains all the classroom schedules and timings
  • With defence services exams we cannot take any chances and our staff helps to maintain perfect discipline in the curriculum
  • We have appointed block supervisors, other attendants and maintenance staff who are guided by adept administrative staff
  • Aiding to our regular administrative staffs, our hostel wardens are from military background and with relevant experiences

Manoj Chaudhary (Hostel Warden)

BSC, MSC (3 Years Experience)

Narendra Singh (Physical Trainer)

Ex-Army (15 Years Experience)