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Best Air Force, Navy, NDA, Indian Army Coaching Center & institute in Pithoragarh

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Highlights of the Group Discussion

• In the first round, the GTO gives two topics to the group.
• Group has to choose one topic of their choice and report to the GTO.
• Then GTO reads out loudly so that everyone in the group becomes aware and clear about the topic of discussion.
• Then 20 minutes of time is given to preparation.
• Thus in the first round, the topic of current event covered by a newspaper is given.
• In the second round, the GTO give the topic of social importance, again 20 minutes time is given for preparation.
• When the first discussion ends, the group has to carry out a discussion of about the same duration. There is no choice in the second round, but select the topic given by GTO.

Guidelines GD

Prepare for the topics from newspapers; have the habit of reading newspapers. Be aware of the current events and equally about social topics. Initiate the discussion, if you could not start first, at least join the discussion as early as possible.

Be humble when you are asserting your point and feel it is valid and also do not get discouraged by the opposite view that gets for your point. Be gracious to accept if your point is proved not valid, but ready with a better point. Avoid generalizing the views and keep logical and real reasons for your argument. Never in any chance join hands with one candidate and start backing up each other, a real leader considers everybody equal hence give everybody a fair chance. Give chance to others also who are not able to talk much. Maintain good posture while sitting and also have good body language. Communication skills like pausing, eye contact etc must be well maintained. Do not be argumentative or exited and get up from the chair. The GTO explicitly mentions that you do not have to conclude the discussion, hence do not over-rule his wish by trying to conclude the discussion.
Just be calm and assume like you’re discussing something with your friend Do not look at the GTO, speak confidently and maintain an audible and nice voice level, not too loud.

About ASTA

At Asta, we committed to providing you with best in the arena whether it is classroom training or physical training or medical guidance, the quality of lecture and the study material the test series provided by us is totally different from all coaching center in India.

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