Physical Training

Being in defence services means ‘above all, come your duties’. In defence services exam apart from written tests the other important aspects which should be focused upon are physical fitness, mental toughness, courage, stamina, team spirit and leadership. Once you are through with the written examination. Next significant thing that steps in is the medical examination and physical examination. If you want to get into army, Air Force or navy it is compulsory to be physically and mentally fit and aware.

ASTA Educational And Publication House Pvt. Ltd untiringly prepares its candidates for these tests through long training hours and sport programmes. These have not only helped our candidates get through the selection process but have also helped them excel at the training centres, once they get into defence services.

  • We have retired army personnel as our hostel wardens. Round the clock they help to upgrade the physical fitness levels and the elementary knowledge not only for hostellers but also for the residential students
  • For Air force, navy, SSC, paramilitary or any other exams we prepare our students to acquire and maintain the required physical fitness levels
  • We train our students for running, high jump, long jump, inclined run, push-ups, chin-ups and high intensity mixed training making students achieve highest level of physical fitness
  • Proper guidelines about diet are also provided to each and every student after proper physical assessment. As we have Almost 100% track record of our students’ success so we never compromise in any front.

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