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In the Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, and Navy SSR, AA, MR/NMR, and NDA exams, ASTA Educational And Publication House Pvt. Ltd., formerly known as ASTA Institute, is one of the few leading institutes for training. For More details, +91-9667891593, +91-9773678302, We are the No. 1 Defense Academy in Gola Road Patna Bihar because of our selection ratio, which is the highest in India. For more than a decade, ASTA Educational has assisted students in achieving their goals.

  • Nearly 100% of our candidates succeed in the Air Force service exams. With a spectrum of successful candidates throughout its operating schedule, ASTA Educationalhas been continuously putting comprehensive effort into its recruiting strategy for more than a decade. We distinguish ourselves from other organizations with our unique concept of providing the students with unmatched quality education and guidelines while emphasizing their conceptual acuity.

Our record of accomplishment of almost 100% results in the Navy and Air Force Examinations is unparalleled. To date, we have helped over 10,000 candidates succeed. We use both Hindi and English as our medium of instruction.

  • Under the guidance of experienced physical trainers, we hold regular physical training sessions. We have a dedicated training area. Defense aspirants are most likely to benefit from our physical training and GTO grounds as they go through periodic physical examinations and physiology assessments.

A team of doctors and their teams conduct constant health checkups camps at regular intervals.

  • Our students love interacting with us and we are happy to assist them with all their questions. We give a 15-minute break in between classes for questions and answers.

Each of the study materials has been designed in accordance with the approved exam syllabus. Classes on interviewing/personality development are provided free of charge to the students. Five hours of class, a day with the possibility of increasing to eight if needed and required.

  • Our hostels are designed to allow students to concentrate on their studies. Electricity and water are available 24X7, and internet access is available 24X7 as well. There are never any compromises on quality at any level of living or food. Three meals a day are served in the hostel with full facilities such as beds, chairs, fans, etc.

ASTA Educational has a highly experienced faculty, with a combined experience of more than 10 years. Online tests are provided on the Website following modern teaching methods. As a candidate preparing for the exam, you can be registered and take the online mock test anywhere and anytime.

Full-time teachers teach all our courses. It is important to practice before you enrol. Mock tests and mock interviews are conducted for the students to prepare them for exams. We present the best facilities for students.


With our knowledge, creativity, and development, we can deliver employable assets for safeguard areas and remain a source of inspiration for society to create a better world. As we contribute to the new world through ideas and inspiration, we reveal the hidden force of innovation, which leads to life-less maintenance of value in multi-disciplinary fields. By enabling young officers to the barrier, we are making a stage for young hopefuls in the field of protection, which ultimately helps our country become a leader. We aim to provide the most appropriate defense officer for the country[1].


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