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 Opportunities for Women in the Indian Army: A Journey from 12th to Uniform

In recent years, the Indian Army has witnessed a paradigm shift in its recruitment policies, opening its doors to women who aspire to serve the nation in uniform. One of the most frequently asked questions is whether girls can join the Indian Army after completing their 12th standard. The answer is a resounding “yes.” This article explores the opportunities available for young women aspiring to serve in the Indian Army after completing their 12th grade education.

Opportunities After 12th FOR NDA (National Defence Academy)

The National Defence Academy is a premier institution that provides training to cadets for the Army, Navy, and Air Force. Women can’t directly join NDA, but they can opt for the Short Service Commission (SSC) after graduation.

Indian Military Academy (IMA)

Girls who have completed their graduation can join the Indian Military Academy through the Short Service Commission (SSC) for a fulfilling career as an officer.

Technical Entries

Women with a background in science and engineering can explore technical entries like SSC Tech for the Army, enabling them to contribute their skills to the defense forces.

Non-Technical Entries

For those with non-technical backgrounds, there are various entry schemes like the Army Women Military Police, allowing them to serve in crucial roles.

Combined Defence Services (CDS) Exam

Another avenue is the Combined Defence Services examination, where women can apply for officer-level positions in the Indian Army after graduation.

Why Choose ASTA Education for Government Exam Preparation

Expert Faculty

ASTA Education boasts a team of experienced faculty members with a proven track record of guiding aspirants towards success in government exams. The faculty is well-versed in the specific requirements of defense exams.

Comprehensive Study Material

ASTA Education provides well-researched and updated study materials tailored to the syllabus of government exams, including those for defense services. The comprehensive material ensures that students are well-prepared for all aspects of the examination.

Strategic Exam Approach

The institute focuses on imparting not just theoretical knowledge but also a strategic approach to tackle competitive exams. This is particularly crucial for defense exams, which often have unique question patterns and selection processes.

Mock Tests and Practice Sessions

ASTA Education understands the significance of practice in exam preparation. Regular mock tests and practice sessions are conducted to simulate exam conditions and help students gauge their readiness for the actual examination.

Personalized Guidance

Recognizing that each student is unique, ASTA Education offers personalized guidance to address individual strengths and weaknesses. This approach enhances the effectiveness of preparation, especially for defense exams that require a diverse skill set.

Focus on Physical Fitness
ASTA Education recognizes the importance of physical fitness for aspirants preparing for defense exams. The institute incorporates fitness routines into its curriculum, ensuring that students are not only mentally but also physically prepared for the rigorous demands of a career in the defense forces.

Guidance & Preparation

India's No.1 Academy with Over 21000+ Selections Rate.
Asta Education Focuses On Indian Defence Exam Preparation.
Defence Exam Classes & Guidance is Provided Under Retired Defence Persons.
Special Batches For NDA, CDS, AFCAT, SSB, Air Force Exam.
Daily 6 to 8 Hours Classes Including Training By Our Academy.
Provides Separate Batches For Indian Navy, Territorial ARMY, TES
Full Study Material For Defence Preparation.
Proper Hostel Facility For Students From Other State.
Free Defence Interview Classes are Provides For Our Candidates.
Regular Doubt Classes for Students after every Class.
Multiple Batch Timing according to suitability of students.


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